Rhetorical Analysis Of Campus Rape

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Rachael Smith
English 102
October 5, 2017
Rhetorical Analysis of Miriam Gleckman-Krut and Nicole Bedera’s “Who Gets to Define Campus Rape?” Miriam Gleckman-Kurt and Nicole Bedera’s article on The New York Times covers the controversy of whether survivors of sexual violence or those who have been accused of committing the sexual violence should be the one to define campus rape based on a question asked by Education Secretary Betsy Devo. In “Who Gets to Define Campus Rape?” Geckman-Kurt and Bedera give the reasons why campus’ may decide if someone is considered sexually abused through the victim’s perception and the accused perception. The authors direct this article towards campus staff asking them to decide who should decide what rape is to maintain a safe campus. Geckman-Kurt and Bedera use emotional aspects of what rape can do to people and researched facts to come to a conclusion in the article that the accused should not decide the qualifications of rape. In Gleckman-Kurt and Bedera’s article they use emotional aspects of rape to make people consider how the definition of rape should be decided and what we should do with the people involved. Ms. Betsy Devo made a speech claiming that campus’ have used intimidation to create campus disciplinary procedures that also give the accused no rights. Ms. Devo takes the side that accused men can be innocent and must accusations are baseless. Men are accused of sexual assault by women that may regret their decision of
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