Rhetorical Analysis Of Charleston Hope

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Rhetorical Analysis
In the view of Lloyd Blitzer, he explains what makes situations rhetorical that is identical to a “moral act”. His definition of a moral act is when you act or preform by any situation. He shows examples of different types of rhetorical analysis that happened in the past. Blitzer states that a rhetorical analysis is a change in reality. Therefore, he is saying that it is an action or new information that is to be addressed or known. He states that rhetorical analysis should be followed by a rhetorical method. Blitzer mentioned that there are three main components when writing a rhetorical analysis. One component to look for is referred to as exigence. Exigence is the reason you are proving something. Audience is the part of a rhetorical analysis that involves people that you are trying to get to understand your situation. Lloyd stated that everyone is being capable by the change of speech. From my perspective, Blitzer’s rhetorical audience consists only of people who are more likely influenced by discourse and have the possibility of becoming mediators of change. The final component is constraint. Constraint deals with limitation and restrictions in a rhetorical analysis. Charleston Hope provides a great opportunity to become involved and assist with its mission throughout the community.
Charleston Hope is an organization where the group works toward making the community safe and better as a whole. It is dedicated to improving the education of its

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