Rhetorical Analysis Of Hozier's Work Song

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Rhetorical Analysis of Hozier’s “Work Song” Hozier’s 2015 song “Work Song” suggests that true love comes from hard work, devotion, and sense of faith. The author creates a story that illustrates how someone who is miserable and at his lowest point, can find love and finally have a greater purpose. Hozier’s song encourages his listeners by showing them that true love can make someone strive to be better. As the song progresses, rhythm, the juxtaposition an image, and careful diction convey that above all, love is the root of happiness, but it is not achieved without laborious work. In alternative pop music, numerous people would mistake the song’s rhythm as a typical love song rather than recognizing the rhythms purpose in the song. Hozier establishes a methodical pace throughout the song similar to a worker’s pace. Without a methodical rhythm the workers could not accomplish the tasks correctly. In the first stanza, Hozier illustrates himself working in a difficult environment and talks to his coworkers about his and his “baby’s” relationship. The first part of the stanza is, Boys workin’ on empty Is that that the kind of way to face the burning heat? I just think about my baby I’m so full of love I can barely eat (lines 1-4) Although Hozier’s song seems to be a simple love song, it has a deeper meaning that encourages the listeners to think about relationships. After Hozier states, “I’m so full of love I can barely eat”, the singing and methodical rhythm pauses.

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