Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Illegal Immigration, Deportation Policy, And The Optimal Timing Of Return Essay

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This paper looks at the rhetorical style of three articles regarding immigration. The article have various viewpoints and each looks at different aspects of the immigration. The articles all have in depth analysis on the topic they are covering. I will look at each article by analyzing the way the article is presented. I will try not worry about the topic, but the style of the writing and tone. Each article has characteristics of audience and rhetoric which gives them a sense of credibility.

In the article, “Illegal immigration, deportation policy, and the optimal timing of return”,(July 2015),the author Alexandra Vinogradova looks at the illegal immigrants situation from the viewpoint of the immigrant who has to deal with the situation once they arrive in a particular country and have to decide whether to stay or go back home. The author describes the deportation methods using a mathematical analysis to describe the effects of deportion methods on illegal immigration and how these make the illegal immigrant think about home and analyzing the want to go home.The author presents this with a goal of presenting human behavior into a measurable algorithm. The author wants to show this analysis in order to measure the effects of the policies of a country on the illegal immigrant duration of stay in another country.
The intended audience for the this article is an academic audience but it is also beneficial for the public policy makers. It is possible to ascertain since it
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