Rhetorical Analysis Of Susan B Anthony

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In Anthony’s fourth paragraph, she discusses the idea that if women really are not citizens then they are subjected to living in an oligarchy. This raises an emotional response in the audience because women do not want to and should not have to be forced into being the lesser. Anthony’s second paragraph, in which she discussed the perception of mockery women were subjected to, also raises an emotional response in the audience. For example, “And it is a downright mockery to talk to women of their enjoyment of the blessings of liberty while they are denied the only means of securing them provided by this democratic-republican government- the ballot.” this statement evokes emotion because it allows the audience to see the humiliation women faced on a day to day basis (Anthony paragraph 2). The fact that women were not allowed to vote and were spoken to as if they enjoyed their liberty of law invokes embarrassment in the audience. This was effective because it allows the male members of the audience to feel the way the women did, in certain instances. In my opinion, this upcoming quote was Susan’s …show more content…

Anthony’s speech on the rights of women voters was not an entirely effective argument. In fact, the easiest opposing viewpoint would be an attack Anthony’s credibility; considering she was just arrested and was awaiting her trial – a trial that was decided without being delivered to the jury (Pryibil, “Susan’s Sentence”). It is hard to believe that someone who broke the law could be a credible source. Another argument against Anthony’s reliability would be whether or not she presented a fair and unbiased view, considering her active part in promoting the rights of women and her possible preceding arrest. However, she still had credibility within her group of supporters and others, because in their eyes she had not broken the law, according to the 14th Amendment; she had only done what that Amendment gave her the natural right to carry

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