We The People Susan B Anthony Analysis

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“Man can learn and improve themselves.” John Locke, English Philosopher. As America has progressed, there have been many big changes, in some fields more than others. We have come a long way with resolving conflicts with civil liberties, such as women’s rights, the freedom of speech and the freedom from torture. Flashback to the 1800’s, a woman living equally to men was unheard of, and ultimately frowned upon. A quote from the Preamble of the Federal Constitution states, “We the People…”. Susan B. Anthony goes on to try that quote in her speech in 1873, with her statement, “Are women persons?” (10). Here, Anthony asks a rhetorical question to close her speech where she has constantly given evidence to support the fact that women, in fact, are very much people. Anthony knows by asking this question, she has caught everyone’s attention and provoked their thoughts on women’s rights. Anthony says this because the citizen’s know that women are not treated as equal to men, and that “We the People…” (11) have truly contradicted ourselves using our actions and attitudes. Susan B. Anthony also uses her speech to express the point that she “... not only committed no crime…” but instead, “... exercised [her] citizen’s rights…” (11). She says this to contrast the promises America has made, with the actions that really take place within America. Although it was said in this time everyone had “guaranteed” rights, these rights were not so “guaranteed” after all. It is plainly stated here

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