Rhetorical Analysis Of The Birth Control Solution By Nicholas Kristof

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Liana Curley
Ms. Cook
Eng102 #20792
28 Sep 2017
Paper 1: Rhetorical Analysis Essay
The world population is only growing. The U.N. predicts that from today’s 7.5 billion we will reach 9.3 billion by the year 2050. (World Population Prospects n.p) In New York Times author Nicholas Kristof’s article, The Birth Control Solution, Kristof weighs in on population control for Times readers by weaving an inevitable crisis-like tone. Kristof’s main purpose is to promote family planning as a solution to many of the world’s problems. He will do this by giving examples that an out of control global population causes poverty, conflict, and environmental damage; and that family planning would be a cost effective solution.
Nicholas Kristof has won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for covering the Tiananmen Square and genocide in Darfur. He graduated from Harvard and studied law from Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. While Kristof is your typical middle aged caucasian man, he is clearly broad minded, having studied and lived on four separate continents at one time. He is for human rights/women’s rights and writes about health and global affairs. He grew up on a farm in Oregon and has won the humanitarian awards of the Anne Frank Award and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. Despite writing an opinion piece on population control he has three children, implying he is more for family planning education and women’s choice abortion-wise. The reader can find this information about him by reading his New York Times
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