Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The ' Day Of Reckoning '

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Apocalyptic Suras The yawm ad-din “Day of Reckoning” Apocalyptic Suras seemed to be the most interesting and intense word painting Suras of devastation, trials, reckoning, and light we have read thus far. Sura 81 “The Overturning”, Sura 82 “The Tearing”, Sura 84 “The Splitting”, and Sura 101 “The Quaking”, all seem to have a common theme from our physical world and reality being overturned, and the heavens splitting open, land filled with chaos, all sin and worthy endeavors is revealed, being judged by only God himself. These beginning Suras all embody the righteous path for which one is taught to seek by the Islamic Religion, but with the apocalyptic themed Suras, they illuminate sin by illustrating the importance of the will of God, by emphasizing what is occurring and what events will ensue on “The Day of Reckoning.” Throughout the conclusion of these Suras, when all is lost, there is a glimpse of solitude through God and only his will, with those who have faith will be in bliss.
Contained within these Suras are explicit vocabulary descriptions on how “The Day of Reckoning” will be understood by all, the sun will overturn, the stars are scattered and will fall away, reality as we know it, will cease to exist as this is the Last Day. The Earth will convert to nothing more than a hectic land, engulfed in human sin, revealing itself to only the soul that carries this evil “Jahim” and God. “When the heaven splits attentive to the lord and made true, When the Earth is…
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