Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Letter ' And ' Call Myself His ' Lil Bro '

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This is an email from me to my older brother trying to persuade/convince him into leaving the streets alone and get his life on a better path. If he continues this path nothing but bad things will happen so I’m trying my hardest to get him to change his ways. In the email I go into detail about everything that has occurred and to make what I am saying more convincing, I used rhetoric. I used several rhetoric terms in the email like pathos, logos, ethos. I get my point across by being the rhetor and my older brother is my audience.
In the email, a rhetorical term I used several times was pathos. Pathos is the attempt to persuade by making a connection to the audience’s emotions. In this case I used pathos to connect to my older brothers inner emotions. In the beginning of the email, I refer to him as my “big bro” and call myself his “lil bro”. I do this to tap into his feelings and make him reminisce on the times we were younger and we called each other by those terms. Pathos was used where I briefly talk about how we grew up as kids. By me reminding him about how street life was a major part of our childhood it will remind him of all of the mistakes and happy times we had together. All of the problems we faced and how things have changed since than. I knew this line would tap into his emotions for sure. Another part where I used pathos was when I spoke about how we risked our lives in the street. I spoke about how he used to say he would never let anything bad happen to me

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