Rhetorical Analysis Of 'The Progressive Tuition Is Too Damn High'

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The Progressive Escalation of Tuition In the year 2017, Americans owe about $875 billion in student loans, which is more than what is owed on the nation’s credit cards combined. Student debt is flooding the country and burdening millions of Americans to the point where it is nearly impossible to pay off. Despite the fact that the majority of people believe tuition is outrageously expensive, there are many that believe the cost of college is exactly where it needs to be. Author Dylan Matthews writes about the skyrocketing costs of higher education in his 10-part series entitled “Introducing ‘The Tuition is Too Damn High.’” He reflects on how tuition is gradually increasing throughout the decades and argues that it is too much to keep up with. Matthews provides a logically convincing argument, but does not adequately or abundantly use emotional or credible appeals, as well as premises.
One of the most prominent and effective features of Matthews’s argument is his use of logical appeal. He efficiently executes a compelling technique to appeal to those who think logically. Throughout his writing, he implements facts and statistics constantly to the reader, showing the increase of tuition fees and loans over time, validating his premise. The use of logos is impactful upon the reader and puts what Matthews claims into perspective very well. For instance, Matthews discusses the hardship of paying off tuition for students; this burden tuition often causes them to

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