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Peeking beauty at Town Park
I am surrounded by the splendor of the nature. On a moderately sunny morning, birds are peeping while sitting on the gigantic mature tree in the park. The stream of water rising from the fountain is crafting a magical melody. The mesmerizing winds have imprisoned everyone’s attention. The bright colorful flowers are depicting the charms of their juvenile. Different pleasant sounds in the environment are contributing to the concerto of nature. Leaves rustling in the cool breeze are an amazing part of the environment. A young couple sitting on the bench beside the fountain is relishing the pleasant sight.
Gloomy sight at Town Park
Gloominess prevails the environment. On a partly cloudy day, the parched leaves fall …show more content…

In the pleasant description, I discussed the chirping of birds. I have discussed the sounds of water in the fountain and the rustling of leaves due to cool breeze. This description emphasizes the fact that the weather out there is very pleasant and the people sitting there are relishing the moments. While the leaves rustling was creating an amazing environment, there were also some dead leaves in the fountain decaying over days and months contaminating the environment.
I also skipped some details in order to maintain the mood and tone. In my pleasant description, I skipped the dead and decaying leaves settled in the fountain bottom, while discussing the stream of water rising from the fountain. The reader could have got a negative impact of a good place had I mentioned the garbage details in the positive description.
Similes and metaphors also helped me writing the description. The water from fountain crafting a magical melody depicts the beautiful environment out there. The rustle of leaves portrays the grace of nature. The bright colors of flowers have strong resemblance with juvenile period of human being, which makes the description more pleasant. Similarly, gloominess specifies sadness in the negative description.

While writing this assignment, one thing I learned is that it is not that much easy to write on the environment even if we see

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