Rhetorical Devices In Julius Caesar's Speech

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In Shakespeare's play of Julius Caesar, Rhetoric is the art of convincing and persuading people by language through public speaking which is used in Julius Caesar’s speeches. These devices are used in Brutus and Antony statements throughout the play. Brutus is a conspirator who kills Caesar since he fears that he will have too much power over Rome and its people. In comparison, Marc Antony is the closest friend and most trusted to Caesar, who persuades the people of Rome against Conspirators for killing Caesar. (Thesis statement) Brutus appeals to logic when he explains his actions in Caesar funeral, where as Antony appeals to emotions, playing with the audience feelings to seek justice upon the conspirators. Brutus gives a speech to the people of Rome to explain his reasoning in killing Caesar by using logic. He claims that he killed Caesar because he loves Rome and fears for well being of the people since Caesar was an ambitious man. Brutus expresses feelings by saying "Had you rather have Caesar were living, and die all slaves/ than that Caesar were dead to live all free men? (III.I.175). Brutus uses rhetorical questions to make a point to the audience of saying that Rome is better without Caesar because Caesar if he was alive they would all be slaves since Caesar would have ultimate power and control. Brutus showing facts to the people of Rome, Brutus's argument becomes influential to win over the audience. Throughout his Aboelfoul|2 speech, he calls Caesar ambitious
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