Rhetorical Devices In Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

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The purpose of the novel, Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, is to inform the public of issues pertaining to low wage jobs through the three rhetorical devices ,such as, pathos, logos , and ethos. Ehrenreich emerges herself into the life of a low wage worker to demonstrate the difficulty of living a healthy life under these conditions. She includes the rhetoric devices to create a persuasive argument and to gather support for her claim. The minimum wage is too low, enabling the working class from living a healthy life. She studies this issue through an experiment of one month of living on just a salary from low wage jobs. The rhetoric device, pathos, creates an appeal to emotion in order to gather support for the author's purpose. The novel demonstrates pathos through personal anecdotes depicting the struggles of survival on low wages. In particular, the description of the Parente family, who after a series of unfortunate events found themselves barely able to survive. Both the parents are jobless and unable to gain much help because they cannot afford the requirements of certain programs, Medicaid requires an expensive MRI of the injury before aid can be given. They're seven year old daughter highlights their state of poverty in her class ”Brianna's wish was for her mother too find a job because there was nothing to eat in the house”(233). The inability of a child to eat creates a feeling of sadness for the family and their situation while also demonstrating the

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