The Effects Of Deprivation On Low Income

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Living on Low income usually generally means poor housing, poor nutrition, little or no preventive medical care, over working and never having time for anything else. Living on low income can also lead to poverty in some cases. These facts hardly need documentations they are shown over and over again many times throughout the years, but the extent of deprivation suffered by low-income American families has been made clear in various studies throughout history.
In “Nickels and Dimes, On (not) getting by in America” this book provides first hand research into what it is like to be a low income worker. While the book is well researched and includes important facts and documentation that points out how hard it is to overcome the economic challenges of being a low wage earner, this book takes the issue an important step further. It shows, first hand, the emotional direct effects of what it is like to live the life of a struggling employee.

The author researched this book by living the life of a divorced woman attempting to reenter the workplace after decades of no employment. While she had a personal financial security net and much work experience, she hid her experiences and sought not to use her safety net. The pressures and frustrations facing so many people struggling just to keep their heads over water is described. We follow the author as she hunts for jobs, works long hours in difficult jobs, and then tries to manage living on her paychecks. The Readers learn how
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