Rhetorical Devices Used By Brave New World Essay

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Brave New World Chapter 4-6 1. Rhetorical device (can use diction, sentence structure, grammar, etc) and/or Logical Fallacies: Identify 5 Rhetorical devices or Logical Fallacies in each chapter and discuss what effect it has on the tone, message, etc – in other words, what is its significance? Quote with page number Rhetorical Device/ Fallacy Effect ** This is the MOST IMPORTANT part, so make this really insightful** “Bernard’s physique was hardly better than that of the average Gamma”. pg. 64 (Describing Helmholtz) “He was a powerfully built man, deep-chested, broad-shouldered, massive…a beautifully shaped head…handsome...a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering…the Escalator-Squash champion…[and] had six hundred and forty different girls in under four years”. pgs. 66-67 Juxtaposition Bernard juxtaposes Helmholtz. He is an Alpha-Plus who fails to fit in with his caste due to his scrawny physique. His physical stature is no different than those of the average Gamma. It is evident that his conditioning is incomplete as he doesn’t enjoy community events, promiscuous sex, or sports and doesn’t see the need to take soma. Helmholtz is handsome, physically superior, can get any female he chooses, and is more intelligent than Bernard. Unlike Bernard, he is also well respected and is very comfortable in his caste. “Ford, we are twelve; oh, make us one, Like drops within the Social River; Oh, make us now together run As swiftly as thy shining Flivver”. pg. 81

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