Rich And Rich Life

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A Rich, Full Life Everyone’s interpretation of a full, rich life differs. One person might say that traveling the world or exploring new places is what makes a life full and rich, while another might say that a full, rich life is having great accomplishments or experiencing as many new things as they can. Each person will view the answer to this question differently simply because each person is different. Everyone has grown up with vastly diverse experiences. No two people’s lives are the same. No two people have the same likes and dislikes, and because of this, everyone has a particular set of things they deem make their lives rich and full. The definition, according to the Webster Dictionary, of a full, rich life, according to these three words, apply to everyone. The definition, of full is, “rich in experience.” Rich means, “having high value or quality,” and life is, “the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual” (Webster Dictionary). These definitions do not say that a full, rich life has to be made up of any certain experiences or activities. They only say that it needs to have experiences that have high value or quality to the person themself. For example, my Mother describes a full, rich life as, “...all about relationships. I am happiest when I'm with people I love” (Sayre, Lynette), while my Father describes it as, “...having taken advantage of one's time while on this earth to obtain education, work, raise a family,

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