The Epidemic of Affluenza is Sweeping Through America Essay

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An epidemic is sweeping all through America. This epidemic has affected just about every individual in America. Millions could be diagnosed with it yet they do not realize they have it. It is changing the everyday thoughts and actions of those with it. It damages all individuals who let it consume them. It is nearly impossible to cure. Medication is useless against it. There is not outright proven immunity to prevent one from receiving this nasty disease. It can cause symptoms such as stress, overwork, waste, desperation, emptiness, and recklessness to name a few. What is this ravaging disease? Affluenza, “the bloated, sluggish, and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts” to pursue all happiness with wealth and material …show more content…

It seems as if they have everything they might possibly want. Through the years, they have become obsessed with trying to fulfill themselves and find happiness. They believe buying one more item would give them eternal happiness yet fails miserably. The pursuit of happiness through wealth is a common symptom in the affluent which has become an insane obsession.
At the end of the day, the affluent are still not satisfied with their wealth or material items. Source D provides a great example. Even though the couple has purchased everything they could possibly want, they still feel “something is missing.” What they are missing is not a tangible object. It is not something one could go to a store and buy. They cannot obtain happiness in a nice little box on a store shelf. There is no price on happiness. Source A believes “happiness is desirable in itself and never for the sake of something else.” Nothing can supplement happiness. True happiness is “something final and self-sufficient.” People with affluenza can never find this happiness through the constant purchasing of more stuff. Happiness is achieved in many different ways for different individuals but not through wealth. For example, the mother in Source I begins to understand this when she becomes older one Christmas. She realizes no matter how many gifts she may receive,

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