Magic Of Reality

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Since ancient times, religion and science are standing in the exact opposite of the two camps being. They are having a completely different understanding and interpretation for the origin of humans and all things. We cannot determine who is right or who is faults. In the book "The Magic Of Reality" by Richard Dawkins, the author hopes we are standing on his points of view and using the science to explain every thins real exist on this world. what is real exist? We often think if something we can feel by using our five senses, they are real existing. But if something we cannot feel by using our five senses, how do we know they are not real exists? We cannot see, hear ,or touch it. radio waves, but we know it is real exist by using special machine. Back to those dinosaurs, we have never seen them, but how do we know that they in the Earth before? We know them through fossil. Dawkins says," for reality doesn't just consist of the things we already know about, it also includes things that exist but that we don't know about yet and won't know about until some future time, perhaps when we have built better instruments to assist our five senses.(Dawkins,15)" Is have magic in this world? Like a supernatural ability to magic, like a magician, the scarf into a rabbit or frog into a prince, but that …show more content…

Is human appearing at the moment? Like Adam and Eve, the answer is no. Humans are one of the most complicated. If we think DNA as tens of thousands of toy parts, Then that tens of thousands of toy parts if there is a part's location is not right, there will be a completely different result. Actually , human beings are after a very long time evolved step by step, from sea to land. Our ancestors in order to better adapt to the environment, step by step forward, finally ,the human appeal in this world. Dawkins says," evolution is very slow and gradual. In fact, it is the gradualness of evolution that allows it to make complicated things like frogs and

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