Richard Hauptmann Analysis

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Matthew Cygan
Mrs. Caravaggio
January 16, 2016
Editorial by Matthew Cygan
It is official; Richard "Bruno" Hauptmann has now been executed by an electric chair. The man hated all around the world is now gone for a crime that has been dubbed "crime of the century". I am just an average citizen of the USA and like many others, I was very curious and passionate about this case. On the night of March 1, 1932, Richard Hauptmann became infamous for the brutal kidnapping and killing of Charles Lindberg's 20-month-old son Charles Lindbergh Jr. How could he have done something so evil to the most loved family in America?
The heartbreaking story took place in a very quiet area in Flemington NJ where the very wealthy Lindbergh's lived. Baby Lindbergh was sound asleep suffering from a cold in his bedroom. At about 9:00 pm, Hauptmann climbed up a ladder to the window and snatched the baby. Charles Lindbergh Jr was never seen alive again. At about 10:00 pm Charles and his wife Anne Lindbergh were told about the absence of the baby and both quickly noticed a mysterious note lying on the window sill. The note was a ransom note, demanding $50,000 in return for the baby. "I went upstairs to the child's nursery, opened the door, and immediately noticed a lifted window. A strange-looking envelope …show more content…

I looked at the crib. It was empty. I ran downstairs, grabbed my rifle, and went out into the night..." – Charles Lindbergh on his missing baby. NJ State police were notified immediately, and I got the news as early as 10:30 that night. It had spread all over America

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