Richard Nixon 's War On Drugs Essay

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Richard Nixon has declared war on drugs in 1971. He announced to the Americans that America’s public enemy number one is drug abuse. Drug users are everywhere from their own homes, schools, communities, courts, jails, hospitals and prisons. Those who use drugs have nothing to good gain, it only causes problems. Children are neglected or abused, innocent civilians are robbed or even killed for money to buy and obtain drugs. Most eventually end up imprisoned for few years to live. The only ones benefiting from the drug wars are the drug dealers, drug cartels, and organized crime syndicates. The government, on the other hand, has spent billions of dollars to counter attack and end the drug sales and distribution of drugs according to Arthur J. Lurigio “During the first half of 2006 alone, the war on drugs cost the federal and state governments more than $30 billion”. As law enforcement arrest those involved in the drug war they will most likely cause certain races in this drug arrest and are then showed in the media to push the racism and stereotype, making law enforcement and the people of the community to fear and target theses people because of their association with the drug. The very first drug to appear to the US was during 1800. Law enforcement agencies have been punishing minorities that are stereotyped to the specific drug. The first drug to appear in the United States is opium. What opium is a very highly addictive drug that comes from poppy seed pods. The poppy seed

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