Rights Of Citizenship And Citizenship

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Citizenship and residency here in the U.S. comes with many rights, but these rights come hand-in-hand with many responsibilities as well. The things that we as Americans have the privilege of being able to do come at the cost of having these responsibilities and as citizens, and even residents, we must do our part to be able to continue to have these rights. As citizens of this country we share many rights that people in other countries may not necessarily have the right to do. The greatest rights we citizens share are the rights to chose how we live our lives, to speak our minds and hold our own opinions, the right to practice our own religion without fear of persecution, the right to be proven innocent or guilty of a crime we have been accused of committing in front of an unbiased panel of fellow citizens, and most importantly we have the right to vote for public officials and run for these offices ourselves. These rights we share as citizens set this country above many others as there are numerous countries around the world that do not give their citizens the rights that we have here. However, with the long list of rights we share in this country comes a list of responsibilities as members of this nation just as long. Everything comes at a price and things can be taken away just as easily as they were given. The rights we as U.S. citizens share are no different. As citizens here in this country, it is our responsibility to uphold this country’s ideals such as the belief
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