Rights as an American

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Every American has three rights that cannot be taken away from them. The three rights include: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. This is stated in the Declaration of Independence but, a person's "life" right is becoming jeopardized among teens who are committing crimes. The Eight Amendment banned cruel and unusual punishment, but people have tried to get teens sentenced to life in prison without any chance of some type of parole. A child will be treated like one until they do something bad. Of course, when they commit a crime, they have to pay the consequences. On the other hand, giving them a life sentence is unconstitutional thanks to the Eight Amendment. Before giving them their sentence, they should take into consideration all the resources and possibilities available to them when they committed the crime, and make sure the child was not acting under the influence of someone else. Children as young as eleven are committing crimes, but they are very young and know nothing about the real world. In "Startling Finds on Teenage Brains", the verdict kon a fourteen year old who shot his middle school teacher was the following: "A child is not a man"(89). Although he was found guilty of second degree murder, they did not sentence him to life in prison. His verdict was right because he is not a man, he is only fourteen years old and has not even gone to high school. This article also talks about how teens act on impulse, especially since in their teen years the

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