Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

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Franklin Martin ENC1102-8:25 Prof. Minchener 1 April 2015 Rise of the Ottoman Empire: The Nomads Who Became Kings During the period 1299-1923 AD, in which the Ottoman Empire existed, there were changes that occurred due to conquest and expansion that resulted in imperfect religious tolerance, many technological contributions, and European style features. The prominent western view throughout history is that the Ottomans were savage conquerors unlike the established monarchies of Europe. The more accurate view is that Europe and the Ottoman Empire shared both various characteristics that were very similar and some which were starkly different. The spiritual justification which was present on both sides had similar origins and doctrines which lead to a hostile distinction between Christianity and Islam. As Goffman states "Just as siblings often fight with appalling brutality, the very resemblance and historical proximity of the two faiths created a bitter rivalry" (8). Under Ottoman rule as a result of the early conquests there was some religious tolerance which compared to Europe was more than generous. The religious tolerance was nonetheless still imperfect, it was essentially a system to maintain the minorities calm and reduce the cost of local utilities. Tolerance was not without purpose and it was only for the people of the book. The millet system allowed for similar religions to rule areas under their own law. Similar religions being Christianity and Judaism for the
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