Riser Analysis

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The Message within “Riser”
The recession that began nine years ago has caused many families to go through the most trying times in their lives. Some people are still struggling to get back on their feet and have the stability they once had. Many families have lost their homes and this still seems to be a continuing issue as we learn about Amy’s story. The song “Riser” By Dierks Bentley is for the audience of young adults to late forties. This age group is still at risk for losing their homes due to becoming laid off from their jobs. The music video for “Riser” goes along with telling the story about a woman named Amy who loses her home. We watch as she faces the struggles that come with having nowhere to go. She’s a single mom trying to do
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The images used in the video are effective in sending a message to others to stay strong even through difficult times. It shows that there may be light at the end of the tunnel if you have faith and never give up. In the video the mom, Amy, has to leave her home with two children and nowhere to go. They are seen sleeping in their vehicle and bathing in a public restroom. The mother is seen looking over at the church as if she were saying a prayer for God to help her. In the song it describes how she is looking to her faith to keep her strong with “I’ll pray ‘til Jesus rolls away the stone” (Dierks Bentley 19). Amy doesn’t give up and continues to send her children to school. They go on as if nothing has happened. She is seen asking for shelter at a facility only to get turned away, because there are no rooms available. She applies for food stamps and gets approved. She is able to get food and the daughter smiles as the mom walks back to the vehicle with the grocery bags. She goes back to the shelter and finally gets a room for her and the children. She is showing that she didn’t give up and by doing so she can get back on her feet. The images connect every word of the song to the video and make it very effective in showing ways Amy stayed strong and never gave
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