Risk Of Vaccination Research Paper

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Have you ever heard someone say vaccination wasn’t safe? Have you said it yourself? There are many reasons to believe vaccines are dangerous, or harmful to the human body. However, vaccination is one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in medical history. Vaccines are safe, reliable, and always worth the risk. Vaccination is always worth the risk. “First, we have to examine how a vaccine works. If you caught a disease, for instance, measles, you would have horrible symptoms, and have a very high chance of dying from it. Vaccination was created just for this reason. You can have an immunity to a disease, for little to no symptoms.” (1) Also, “the disease inside the vaccination is weakened, and will not cause harm to the human body, unless you are sick …show more content…

“If you have had a vaccine in your lifetime, have you ever had a reaction to it? It is an extremely small chance to have a reaction to a vaccine, around 1 in 1 million chance.” (1) “You have a better chance of becoming a billionaire, than having a reaction to a vaccine.” (3) This information shows that vaccines can be trusted, and vaccines will hopefully never hurt you or your loved ones. However, vaccination still has a chance to do harm to your body, and that should be taken seriously. Also, vaccines do contain questionable ingredients, such as small amounts of lead and mercury. It should also be considered that vaccination is your choice. No-one should be able to decide your decisions, and we all respect that. If you prefer not to get your child vaccinated, it is entirely okay. A vaccine is safe, reliable, and worth the risk. As well as being one of the most revolutionary medical breakthroughs in history, they can protect you, your loved ones, and others around you from harmful diseases. If you do not think vaccination is safe, or you otherwise question vaccination in general, you do not have to get vaccinated. Vaccination is entirely controlled by you, and nobody can change

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