Risks Posed by Media Concentration

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As the generation embraces an entertainment and information culture, the media industry has become an important and profitable field leading to corporation’s scramble for media ownership. This ownership however, is restricted to a few corporations with some corporations owning 50% of the media industries. The government exerts no regulation as to the number of shares of the mass media a corporation can own. As many countries amend their constitutions to accommodate freedom of the press, media consolidation poses a threat to thwart their efforts. This essay will show the risks posed by media concentration, why and how, the government should regulate media ownership. The government should regulate media ownership because; concentration of media ownership could result in a state of dictatorial information control. This is whereby, the corporation involved only release the information they choose and whenever they choose. These businesses could restrict airing of conflicting opinions, political or otherwise. This state of affairs is profit oriented and does not favor the public interest but the owners’ interest. This goes against the freedom of the press to provide the public with diverse information and risks loss of democracy. A press that is not free to offer reliable information cannot be relied on, for a credible reporting (Noam, 2011, p. 115). Control undermines the diversity of information relayed through the media. Loss of editorial independence is another reason why
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