Rituals Are Another Aspect Of The Christian Religion

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Rituals are another aspect of the Christian religion. According to the bible, several rituals had been integrated into Christianity during Jesus Christ’s era. These rituals include prayer, festivals, baptism, seasons, and circumcision and finally sacrament, which were later introduced after the resurrection of the messiah. Jesus began habits of prayer at a very tender age and he upheld this virtue till his later years on earth. One occasion that is evidently captured in the Gospel of Mark is when Jesus went down on his knees to pray before selecting the twelve disciples. (Mark 3:13-19) Passover festival and the unleavened bread are also some of the rituals practiced. (Mark 14:1) in the modern world, Christmas is a very important event …show more content…

In reference to the gospel of mark, God sent his son Jesus to the world to save His people. He came to reconcile people with God by preaching the good news and God’s love for the world. St. Mark talks of John the Baptist, who prepared the way for the messiah, and this was to fulfill the prophecy that God would send his son to save his people, and he did so through telling people to repent and lead a holy life while waiting for the promised Messiah. (Mark 1:1-3)
Christians believe in several myths including one about the death and resurrection of Jesus. They believe that there’s life after death and so just like Jesus the son of God died and resurrected, Christians who believe in God, will resurrect and ascend to heaven in spirit form after death. Orthodox and catholic churches believe in faith and hope combined with good deeds thus the meaning of Christianity. On the other hand, protestants have their faith only in one God, and by following Christ, they become Christ’s followers, hence Christians.
Sacred texts and stories are also aspects of the Christian religion and they include parables. Parables are short stories that teach a moral lesson. Several of them are written in the gospel of mark. An example of a parable is found in Mark chapter 4, and it teaches about different types of Christians; there are those who listen to the word of God and do not put it into practice, those who listen but the devil comes and steals the word from

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