Rivalry Of Elizabeth

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Rivalry between Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots

Religion is a main reason why Elizabeth executed Mary. Evidence which supports this reason is that some English Catholics would have preferred Mary as Queen of England. This would have made Elizabeth feel as she would need to execute Mary because Mary gave Catholics a reason to rebel against Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a protestant queen and most Catholics preferred a queen of their own belief. Thus, this was the best time to rebel against Elizabeth and gain a new catholic queen who lead the country. All they had to do, was releasing her from imprisonment. An argument in support of this evidence is that in 1570 the Pope issued a Bull ordering. Catholics should disobey Elizabeth because she was heretic. Catholics must follow the Pope and believe in him as the legitimate head of church. McLaren describes that not solely the papal bull had consequences in the year 1570, but also James Stewart’s assassination:
If the near conjunction of the papal bull and the Northern Rebellion does not explain the change in character of English anti-Catholicism, 1570 still remains a key date in its career. The key event, however, belongs to a British history whose parameters and
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This would give the Catholics courage to take Elizabeth off the throne and crown a catholic queen instead, as this is what the Pope wanted. A further piece of evidence is the Northern rebellion of 1569. It was a catholic attempt to replace Elizabeth with Mary. This would have made Elizabeth feel that she would need to execute Mary because this event happened so quickly as she has only been there for a year. Mary did not agree to it because she knew it would fail. Religion links to other factors such as dynastic reasons, because Mary said she was the rightful Queen of England and Elizabeth was illegitimate because the Catholics did not believe in
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