Road Shop Case Study

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Vehicle exteriors were clean, some dirt/trash remaining in interior. Lights & sirens tested prior to use, oil checked. All required equipment (NVG’s, vehicle search mirror, ladder, etc.) accounted for.
Trucks have minor dings and scratches on most panels, primarily the passenger side front fenders, from personnel checking vehicle fluids while wearing protective gear. VCO should conduct research on some type of fender covering to prevent this occurrence in the future. Send the information to the S4 Shop. With the potential of new SF vehicles on the horizon, we need to establish new SOP’s and solid practices before they arrive.
Base lighting is poor at best, a check of the lighting on 11 Sept 17 revealed 29 lights were out or, …show more content…

The monitor used with the camera system failed as well, at that time two cameras were still operational. S4 will order new equipment for the camera system when EOY funds are made available, or when new funds have been loaded.
Ground headers have been serviced and are ready for the approaching winter months. Three of the four heaters are fully operational, one is functional but needs to be hard wired, the engine will not start because of a faulty photo cell. The battery has been unhooked to prevent the starter from being burned out. Fuel level will have to be manually checked, lack of battery power. SME suggest this heater be used as a backup or at Golf-1 only. The heater has been labeled to reflect, “Hard wire only” operation.
Facilities found unsecure during building checks. Night shift personnel stated, “While some facilities are left unsecure, in some cases this could be easily remedied with the use of an Allen wrench”. They would like to have a set of Allen wrenches for the patrol vehicle. S4 will follow up with SF leadership before making purchase.
Wands may be nearing end of useful life. Day shift Defender stated, “the wands have to be constantly changed to try to keep a functioning one at Golf-1. Batteries changes do not always help.
Taser need to be serviced or replaced. There were six of the 25 allotted Tasers non-operational at time of inspection. S4 has spoken with TSgt Hobbs in reference

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