Robert E. Lee 's Life

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Robert E. Lee is considered by many as one of the greatest generals in the history of the United States. Even though Lee turned on his country, he is still loved by many. He is an influential figure in the eye of the public, especially in the south. The impact that Robert E. Lee had on the United States is enormous and cannot be measured. On January 19th, 1807, Robert Edward Lee was born in Stratford Hall, Virginia. He was the son of Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee III, a general in the Revolutionary War who was friends and served with George Washington. His father being a general, and being there for the War of 1812 influenced the young Robert E. Lee to pursue a career in the military. Lee attended West Point to get his career started. He graduated second in his class and became a Brevet Second Lieutenant. After West Point, Lee became a member of the Corps of Engineers. He would travel around to build forts, bridges, roads, and trench works. Soon Lee would help divert the Mississippi River away from St. Louis to prevent any serious damage to the city. Being in the military, Lee was called to action when the United States went to war with Mexico in the Mexican American War. During the war, Lee would prove vital as he would go on reconnaissance missions. After the war, Lee was highly recognized for the role he played in defeating Santa Ana and the Mexican Army. Lee would then return home and become the superintendent of the United States Military Academy. Shortly after

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