Robert Ebert 's The Wizard Of Oz

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According to Reel News Daily, on average, there are 57 movies released every month or 684 movies each year. That’s way more movies than the average person watches in a given year. So, how do we decide what movies to go watch and what not to watch? What’s pleasing and what’s appalling? Fortunately, we have critics who watch most of these movies and write reviews to help narrow down what movies to and not to view. One of these critics is Robert Ebert. Robert Ebert is an honorable critic to base judgements off of because he does an exceptional job summarizing the plot, stating his personal opinions, and speaking about the actors/director’s roles in the film. Summarizing the plot of a film without giving away too many details and spoiling the story is one of the most important part about writing a movie review. Robert Elbert has this skill mastered as he did an exceptional job summarizing the movie the wizard of oz. He did it well while still making the audience curious enough to go and watch the film. Elbert keeps summaries of specific events very brief and concise, “…The Wizard sends them on a mission to get the Wicked Witch 's broom, and it is not insignificant that the key to Dorothy’s return to Kansas is the pair of ruby slippers.” This sentence does an excellent job of summing up what is towards the end of the movie. This section of the film consumes a total of fifteen minutes but Elbert sums it up completely with one sentence. This is a sign of an excellent writer and
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