Movie Analysis of Tokyo Drift: Fast and Furious

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I agree with people who say movies aren’t based on real life experience, but I am pretty sure producers have specific messages to tell their audience. Movies might be long and time taking, but when there is free time to spend why not lay back and watch a good movie? Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite movies of all time, Tokyo Drift. Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, is one the great movies of Fast and Furious series. Fast and Furious movies have a lot of fans throughout the world and the great thing about this series is that they are all relatable and continue the story that began in the year 2001. But there is something different about Tokyo Drift that keeps it unalike with other Fast And Furious movies. This is why I will be doing a review on it. Tokyo Drift is made up of 2 words which are Tokyo and drift. Of course many people know where Tokyo is located, but not a lot of people know what the word drift means in driving vocabulary. Drifting is one the popular methods racers use to dodge, show off or enjoy while driving. There is something about drifting that every time it happens somewhere, it excites the people that know what it is. Seeing your tires burn and smoke while drifting, it gives you good vibes. In many arcades I’ve seen little kids drift on the car stimulators and smile because they accomplished that skill. Of course it is not a good thing to race and drift in real life it is actually illegal, but there are people who do it knowing all the

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