Robin Hood Case Analysis

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This case focuses on Robin Hood’s problems after his first year of success in the Sherwood Forest. His Merry Men, initially a small disciplined organization, went through a period of growth that saw many new recruits flock to join the group having recently heard of its fame. The ever-increasing band, although a source of pride for him, had begun to outgrow itself and supplies and food had become scarce.
With supplies dwindling and discipline getting harder to enforce it was getting much more difficult to control the band as he had used to. The financial strain of having to purchase food from nearby villages and the fact that travelers were now avoiding the notorious forest, meant that something had to be done, and soon.
SWOT Analysis
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A transit tax on all transportation via the Sherwood Forest should not permanently be enforced. This will only alienate the farmers and village people who have long supported Robin and his Merry Men as well as diminish moral among the organization. If the support of the local people is lost then they might not be as willing to give Robin anymore inside information on when lucrative merchant shipments will be traveling through Sherwood Forest in the future. If moral diminishes then it will work negatively towards reinstituting discipline within the group. The only possible exception is if funds were needed immediately there could be a onetime implementation of the transit tax for a temporary period of time in order to reach their goals as long as the reasoning was explained beforehand to the organization as well as to their local supporters.
The level of training and discipline does need to increase in order for Robin's organization to maintain or exceed the level of his adversary the Sheriff. The size of the organization needs to be at a manageable level and then broken down into smaller groups where training can be concentrated at a higher individual level.
A program needs to be implemented for member acceptance guidelines. This will help control the growth of the organization, ensure only people who have skills to offer will be

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