Robinowitz And Mcauley

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The relationship between effective studying methods and memory is a proven and well developed theory that is built upon the basis and understanding of cognitive evaluation. Robinowitz and Mcauley (2014) explain that memory strategies for studying is what helps ease the process of learning information and retrieving it from long term memory to bring it to working memory. This topic can teach students different methods of obtaining information that will benefit their studying and memory skills for future educational purposes. In their experiment which targeted the effects of ease of processing on the use of perception strategies, researchers Robinowitz and Mcauley (2014) set out to investigate whether or not these strategies would have an effect on a students’ observation and implementation on learning information. The subjects in this experiment consisted of 120 students at the University of Illinois. Robinowitz and Mcauley tested the participants by using two different trials and three different lists per trial, each consisting of 24 words. Ranked on a scale from easy to difficult, the first list was at an easy level and included words that had a connection with one another which made it easier to follow. The subsequent list was ranked at a …show more content…

In Trial 1, participants were given the lists of words and told to memorize them to the best of their ability using the mnemonic link strategy. The mnemonic link strategy is oftentimes used when a participant examines a list of information and tries to memorize it based off of connections found within the information listed. Interactive imagery helps the participant memorize the list with more clarity through the use of images of the text which help connect the words to a

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