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Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia

Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia?

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Serial No. | Particular | Page No. | 01. | Introduction | 04 | 02. | Definition of a Robot | 04 | 03. | History of Robotics | 05 - 10 | 04. | The implications of robotics for jobs in manufacturing | 10-12 | 05. | The implications of robotics for jobs in the service sector: | 12 -13 | 06. | Robotics and future jobs, utopia or Dystopia | 13-15 | 07. | Conclusion: | 16 | 08. | Recommendation | 16 | 09. | References | 17 |

Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia?

We are living in such an era, when the needs and demands of …show more content…

In another version Talos came to Crete with Zeus to watch over his love Europa, and Minos received him as a gift from her. There are suppositions that his name Talos in the old Cretan language meant the "Sun" and that Zeus was known in Crete by the similar name of Zeus Tallaios. Since Talos was a bronze man, his blood was lead, which they believed was a divine fluid (ichor), identical to that what runs in the veins of the gods. Talos' single vein was leading from his neck through his body to one of his heels, which was closed by a bronze nail or a bronze peg or a pin. [Robot Shop Distribution Inc., 2008]
77-100BC: In 1901, between the islands of Crete and Kythera, a diver found the remnants of what might only be considered a mechanical computer. The device is a complex mix of gears which most likely calculated the position of the sun, moon or other celestial bodies. The device dates back 2000 years and is considered to be of Greek origin and was given the name “The Antikythera Device”. [Robot Shop Distribution Inc., 2008]
270BC: An ancient Greek engineer named Ctesibus made organs and water clocks with movable figures. The concept for his clock was fairly simple; a reservoir with a precise hole in the bottom would take 24 hours to empty its contents. [Robot Shop Distribution Inc., 2008]
278 – 212BC: Archimedes (287-212BC) did not invent robots, but he did invent many mechanical systems that are used in robotics today, as well as advancing the field

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