Rock And Roll's Influence On American Culture

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Almost all aspects of American culture were changing and music was at the heart of it all. Ranging from the folk movement led by Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and Dave Van Ronk to the release of "Revolution 1" on the Beatles' White Album. Music gave the generation of the social change new inspiration and an outlet to express their dissatisfaction with the established morals of society. Rock n’ roll became popular, lyrics were becoming more sexual, and everyone wanted a piece of the rebellion. Artists like Bob Dylan and Elvis were a huge influence on the music scene of the 60s and bands such as The Beatle, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors were out to change the world. The Rolling Stones were not afraid to express their sexual desires through their music. …show more content…

This caused a big controversy due to the explicit sexual nature. Jagger embodied sexuality in their performances. The title of the song is a sexual innuendo that suggests the desire of “tryin’ to make some girl.” The radio was telling him “useless information” to “fire his imagination” and the T.V. was telling him about “how white my shirts can be”, but Jagger is frustrated because he “can’t get no satisfaction”. The next month, Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” shot to No. 2, fired by poetic language that spoke of the freedom, and the fear, of leaving every societal convention behind. By December, The Who released “My Generation,” a stuttering, slamming anthem that drew a violent line between young and old. In addition to the songs and bands that talked about protest in one way or another, there were also those that talked about social and sexual freedom. For example, The Velvet Undergrounds. The lyrics include references to transgender, homosexuality and drugs in a way that had never been seen before, while bands like the Beach Boys are cited as big proponents of peace, love and understanding. One of the biggest develops in music of the 60s and early 70s are music festivals. Folk festivals were already established in the early sixties. Bob Dylan's electric guitar at the 1965 Newport Fold Festival has become legendary, but it wasn't until the Monterey Pop Festival, which launched Jimi Hendrix to the big stage, the Isle of White Festivals and Woodstock that the idea really took

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