Rockefeller : The Best Source Of Oil

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By the time Rockefeller died in 1937, he controlled 90% of the world’s oil, $336 billion dollars, and 1.5% of the US national economy. Rockefeller did not only own the oil business, he revolutionized it. And by doing so, he cut thousands of people from their jobs. Rockefeller could have made oil prices whatever amount he desired because he had no competitors and no one to tell him how to run his company. Is this much power in the hands of a single man good or bad for the nation and it’s people? As a philanthropist, Rockefeller changed millions of lives worldwide by donating millions of dollars to charities. Rockefeller built numerous colleges for the good of other people. Looking back on his actions, do all of the beneficial actions that …show more content…

How did a single man manage to control all of the world’s oil? John Davidson Rockefeller was the second oldest of six children. He lived in a household where his mother, Eliza, worked like a dog to keep enough food on the table. His father, “Devil” Bill, was never home. Bill was a man of all sorts. He made most of his money as a travelling salesman. Bill also had the reputation for being shady. He could often be found in alleyways. After his older sister but before John was born, Bill had an affair with the housekeeper whose name was Nancy Brown. Nancy and Bill had a daughter named Clorinda died very young of unknown causes. Devastated, Bill and Nancy had another daughter named Cornelia who also died at a very young age of unknown causes. After these incidents the family was always on the move. Rockefeller’s drunkard of a father moved the family of eight twice in New York State before finally moving a third time and settling down in Strongsville, Ohio. John made money by buying various candy from the far away drugstore and selling it to local children for higher prices. At a very young age it was apparent that John was well on his way towards becoming a billionaire. No one would have ever guessed that this boy from a small town in southern New York would one day be one of the richest men in history. John gave his candy money to his stay-at-home mother to help raise his brothers

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