Roger Rosenblatt's The Man In The Water

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Roger Rosenblatt developed an article to publish in the Time Magazine titled, "The Man in the Water." After flight ninety, which carried seventy-four individuals, dove into the Fourteenth Street bridge in Washington DC, there was one person whose heroic act stood out from the rest. As he and five other survivors clung on to the wing of the plane, instead of saving himself, this anonymous man, with an extravagant mustache, aided the others. Every time the lifeline came down, he would pass it over to another person to save them first. However, when the lifeline came down the last time to save him, he had already gone under the water and died. Eugene Windsor, who was included in the park police helicopter team, stated, "In a mass casualty, you'll find people like him, but I've never seen one with that commitment." During this event, this man, gave life to the people he saved, and presented the theme of bravery.

Surrounded by strangers, the anonymous man, known as “The Man in the Water,” was only minutes to death. With that being said, prior to the plane crash, he was on an ordinary plane surrounded by people he had never met. However, when the plane went down, instead of saving himself, he proceeded to save the others. Because he was selfless, those people gained a longer life. The plane …show more content…

He wrote this to show people that men have absolutely no power over nature. Nature will dominate whoever, even if they contain bravery. His purpose of writing this story that portrayed the theme of bravery, was to inform more people of this hero. After reading this article, Rosenblatt wants his audience to take something away from it. With that being said, he want them to now know that bravery is up to you and only you. The hero will, in many cases, be defeated by nature. So it's up to individuals to decide if they want to take that risk. Clearly this story portrays the theme of

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