The Open Boat By Stephen Crane

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The Open Boat, written by Stephen Crane is discusses the journey of four survivors that were involved in a ship wreck. The oiler, the cook, the captain, and the correspondent are the survivors that make onto a dingey and struggle to survive the roaring waves of the ocean. They happen to come across land after being stranded in the ocean for two days and start to feel a sense of hope that they would be rescued anytime soon. They began feeling down as they realize nobody was going to rescue them and make an attempt to reach shore. The story discusses an external conflict of man vs nature to help state clearly the central idea. The central idea of the story conveys man’s success against nature when ones’ abilities are combined together to increase the chances of survival. The use of 3rd person limited omniscience and character analysis helps to explain how the journey of the men’s survival to get out of the ocean and reach shore is able to succeed while Stephen Crane uses symbolism to demonstrate the unity created amongst the survivors.
The story uses 3rd person limited omniscience throughout the story while the author uses a subjective technique to explain the narrator’s thoughts. This form of literacy contribute to the central idea by supporting how the unity of the survivors was a big help for surviving. In this case, the story doesn’t identify who the narrator is but gives clues and the reader suspects it’s the correspondent. Crane explains, “As for the reflections

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