Role Of Being A Hero

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In the Christian culture a hero would have to make sacrifices and go on an expedition to acquire his or her own sense of meaning to life. Most of the time the hero must be open-minded to his or her attitude to get to the end his or her voyage. The hero would develop qualities such as humility, love, self-control, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faith, and mildness. Even though it is near to impossible for such humans to obtain all the fruitage of the spirit (qualities mentioned before) it is, however, tolerable for the ideal hero, Jesus “The Child of God”. To understand Jesus’ role of being a hero I would have to review the stages of Jesus mission. Questions (such as Why did Jesus come to Earth? How did he recognize that he is the hero? What deeds has Jesus done? How did Jesus lose his power?) would be answered.
It is known that Jesus is an angel in heaven, however, not everyone is aware that he was one of God’s first creations who thus help God create everything else. Because of this fact, it must mean that God has special affection for him since it is after all his first. If that is the case, then why did Jesus have to come to Earth? To replace what Adam (the first man) loss there would have to be a perfect human. Since Jesus have proven to be faithful to God, he was willing to go through the journey. Jesus also wanted to prove Satan a liar by going through the expedition without stumbling. Thus, the key motive for Jesus’ birth was, as he said in heaven, that he “should

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