Role Of Fatma Begum

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Bengal could show the way to lessen gender imbalance in Indian film industry One might not have heard the name of Fatma Begum. Indeed, she isn’t quite the household name. But her achievement as the very first Indian woman to ever single-handedly direct a movie is engraved in stone, and will always be. The year was 1926, at a time when world cinema was still experimenting with the science and technology of motion pictures. Indian cinema had already taken long strides by then, but produced only acting roles for women. Yet, breaking the mould, Fatma Begum established her own production company - Fatma Films - and went on to direct Bulbule Paristan! Perhaps without even realising the effect of her achievement, Fatma laid the foundation stone for a generation of women, who sought to be employed by the burgeoning film industry in a role other than that of an actress. The Southern film industry - encompassing three major languages: Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada - did not see its own female-driven films until the 1960s, when Savitri Ganesan - the spouse of the iconic Gemini Ganesan - directed Chinnari Papalu. When one reads about it, it seems like a rosy story. But women had to make unimaginable strides and struggles to even tread on the path that was paved by Fatma Begum forty years earlier. Savitri Ganesan herself…show more content…
And the other industries have been graciously receptive of the quality of art that is produced by Bengali makers. It is important that the entire country learns to accept the strides that the women filmmakers of Bengal have made, and only have a more sustained belief in their own daughters. Move over the days where women were only meant to be actresses, models and item number girls. It’s high time women are given the opportunities that men have considered a
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