Role Of Office Counsel At The Top Wears Multiple Hats

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Today, and in the future, a general counsel must offer much more than legal acumen. “Everyone at the top wears multiple hats. You need to deeply understand the business and where it is headed, so your general counsel hat does not go out the window., but you simply put on more hats. Many of the business people do as well. You want them to wear a compliance hat and a risk hat, for example, in addition to a business hat. So you become much more integrated into that world, but it definitely requires more training and more understanding of the business.” – Former general counsel The role of in-house counsel has evolved over the years to that of both legal strategist and business advisor as they are increasingly tasked with managing the legal and ethical complexities related to growing their businesses. The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is at the forefront of this constantly evolving business arena –– staying on top of the latest trends, regulations and corporate risk. As the a global bar association representing more than 38,000 in-house counsel employed by more than 10,500 organizations in 90 countries, the ACC’s mission aims to ensure that lawyers who work in corporate law departments, associations and other private-sector organizations around the world are fully armed to address these issues. In fact, more than a quarter (27 percent) of chief legal officers (CLOs) and general counsel (GCs) work at organizations that have experienced a data breach in the past two

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