Role Of The Australian Government For Unauthorised Arrivals From A Refugees And Those Who Are Not

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The purpose of my outcome is to research comparisons between the roles of the Australian government for unauthorised arrivals found to be refugees and those who are not.
According to Australian Human rights commission (2014), recently, asylum seekers who arrive without visas and by boat are detained and usually transferred to Christmas Island. On the other hand, asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by plane with appropriate documentation are granted bridging visas and released into the community pending (2012). The reason of being important is issue begin from many years ago and still going, so the government has to do something and also each year the law of Australia is getting change.

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An asylum seeker is a person who leaves their home country for the same reasons as a refugee and has applied for protection as a refugee (2012). An asylum seeker, refugees as opposed to migrants have very different experience and reasons for leaving and moving to another country. Moreover, a refugee or an asylum seeker may not have the option to choose where to go, but migrant has. (2014).

What is the Australia’s humanitarian policy regarding asylum seekers and refugees?

Australia Government (2015), states that, Australia has two main components in its Humanitarian program, to begin with Australia provides offshore resettlement for person who has been found to be a refugee. And processing of asylum seeker on off shore sites such as Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island poses a signification threat to mental and physical health (2015). According to my interview (2015), with Ms Shakila Muradi ‘’we came with a fake passport from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then we spent more money to get to Indonesia then Australia by boat.
According to Australia Government (2015), Australia’s onshore Special Humanitarian Program Visa can be granted to people whose human rights are found to be exploited in their home country. The government has increased the number of resettlement place available for family members through the (SHP). And

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