Role Of The European Women During The Colonial World

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The role of the European woman in the colonial world was consistently complex and often varied. Their role was complex because the filled two roles, a physical role; a role which they directly carried out in the physical realm of the colonial world. This role included being a wife, daughter, missionary, nurse, and even that explore and writer in the rare instance. The second role that colonial women played in the colonial world was one not one of their choosing as Scott Cook explains, “ All [women], however were subject to the legal and customary codes of conduct of a colonial milieu largely set by the male colonizers”. These legal and customary understandings were mainly based around the colonial males understanding of the colonial woman’s sexuality and the sexuality of the colonized male. European women were seen as both the “ ‘bearers of the race, the vessels of their culture, and the ‘angels of the household”. They were also seen as objects of the colonized males lust, and as themselves being overly sexualized and at risk of succumbing to their urges. It was this second role, which served to hinder the access and impact of European women in the colonial world. Their role as a sexualized object, to be protected by their male counterparts was not one of their choosing and prevented them from gaining full access to the colonial realm. The male dominated discourse on the role of European women in the colonies hindered the European women’s ability to access and impact
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