Role Of The Frame Table And The Disk Map Data Structures

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CH 8
1. In a 5-stage pipelined processor, upon a page fault, what needs to happen in hardware for instruction re-start?

When there is a page fault during fetching an instruction pipeline must be drained, so that the instructions which are already executing show be finished first. After this we cater the page fault and restart instructions.

Otherwise if there is a situation that page fault occur during MEM operation the instructions which are in other states such as in instruction fetch, instruction decode or execute can be condensed as they won’t be making any changes to the registers. After this we can handle the page fault.

2. Describe the role of the frame table and the disk map data structures in a demand paged memory manager.

Frame tables are used as a reference as we can get to know that which frames are available and which are already taken and which process they are allocated.
Whereas the disk map data structures are used to know about the frames which are being swapped from the disk and where they can be relocated again.

4. Describe the interaction between the process scheduler and the memory manager.

Process scheduler and memory manager these 2 ae codes which lie dormant when a user process is started. Sometimes, the supervisory timer interrupt raises the process scheduler which take decisions that which tasks should be run on Central processing unit. When a process is running it keeps on asking many read and write memory access in its logical address…

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