Role Of Values In Family Therapy

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The Role of Values in Marriage and in Family Therapy
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The Role of Values in Marriage and in Family Therapy
Ethics and therapy are closely intertwined. It is important that healthcare professionals dealing in therapy adhere to strict professional standards and values that help define expectations and also prevent harm to those who seek therapy. Although the application of such values can sometimes be somewhat complicated when such therapists are dealing with individual clients, the complexity is even more heightened in the context of having multiple family members under therapy. Advancing conversations regarding values and marriage and family therapy is important to enable professionals grapple with the complexities of the topic as well as support their clients better.
The Role of Values Values play an integral role when it comes to matters concerning therapy. Corey, Corey, Corey, and Callanan (2015) noted that values permeates every facet of therapy since therapists’ values can affect the clients, clients’ values can impact the therapist, and a conflict of values may arise between the two parties. Values are simply items of worth. Individuals define themselves by the values that they attach to different things such as family, relationships, love, and so forth. Since values help individuals to find worth in their pursuits, they play a central role in marriage and family therapy as they can help the therapist to chart
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