Role Of Women During The Paleolithic Period

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Everett Ward
September 17, 2015
Ap World History

Change in the Role of Neolithic Women The economic, social, and religious roles of women changed between the Paleolithic and Neolithic time periods. During the Paleolithic Age, women and men had equal position in society. They both helped in the raising of children and the act of obtaining food for their families. The role of women would soon change for the worse in the Neolithic time period. They were left with little social, economic, and religious status, and the large burden of raising children almost singlehandedly. During the Paleolithic time period, people traveled in small tribes consisting of 20 to 30 people. In these tribes, men and women had equal social status and had equal jobs. The men were in charge of hunting game and the women gathered plants and other sources of nutrition. In reality, the women were bringing in a much more significant percentage of the total nutrition. In the Paleolithic era both parents were also there to raise their children because these small groups of people could only travel so far from the others in the tribe. At this time these tribes had few religious beliefs but studies suggest they worshiped some animals, and sculptures were found of pregnant women suggesting that they worshiped fertility. The Neolithic Age began around 10,000 BCE. and lasted until around 800 BCE. During the beginning of this age much of the past ways remained very similar. It may have even looked positive for

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