Role Of Women During World War II

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Dana Tribandis William McGovern History 116 December 1 2015 The Role of Women in World War II In the early 19th century the role of women was typically categorized as doing chores around the house and raising children. Seldom were women seen with real jobs or in positions of full-time employment but as the United States developed so did the role of women. One of the largely contributing factors to the evolution of women’s role in society was the conditions of the US at war. World War II was a war that required more military and industrial manpower than any the United States had ever experienced before. A war that involved over fifty countries and one hundred million soldiers, the war was the most devastating in human history. The American war effort demanded increased production of war materials in addition to the millions of American men who were deployed across the world. The resulting work shortage led to a massive, wide-scale incorporation of American women in the workforce rectify the problem. More than six million women took jobs for the first time during World War II, and many, almost two million, worked in traditionally male domains manufacturing war items such as engines, artillery, and aircraft frames. Eventually, albeit not right away, military leaders began to realize the necessity of utilizing women in the armed services. While not drafted, branches of military created women’s corps to free men to fight in the actual combat. More than 275,000 American women
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