Essay on Role of Federal Rate in Economics

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The Federal Funds Rate is the interest rate that Federal Reserve uses to trade funds with banks. Changes in this rate can trigger a chain of events that can be beneficial or devastating to the economy. If a bank is charged a higher interest rate to trade money or take out a loan, then the increase will be passed on to their customers, causing them to pay higher transaction fees or more interest. Each month, the Federal Open Market Committee meets to determine the federal funds rate. This in turn affects other short term interest rates. The determining rate immediately impacts the rates at which banks borrow money and the interest rates the banks use to charge their customers on loans. If the rate raise is too high, then money flow drops …show more content…

Cut backs could be that employees take pay cuts, resulting in even less money available for spending. Cut backs can also be that the number of employees is reduced, causing the remaining workers take on more of a work load. The employees laid off will increase the number of people drawing unemployment, and increase the number of job seekers trying to get a reduced number of jobs.
Obviously all of these factors can have some kind of effect on the economy. With cut backs comes a slowdown in output and production from businesses and can cause inflation to occur where people make the same or less amount of money but the price of goods goes up. Essentially, interest rates control the whole economy: if interest rates go up then the economy slows down and vice versa. However if interest rates go too low or stay low for a long period of time it can lead to inflation which also hurts the economy. In essence, higher interest rates are not necessarily a bad thing. Higher interest rates can curb inflation, meaning your pay will go further. A good example of this is the price of gasoline. When the price of gas goes up people drive less and spend less because more and more of their income goes toward fuel. When the price of gas goes down people have more money to spend. The increase in spending will be seen somewhere in the economy whether it is at the grocery store or online internet sales.
Short term investments are

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