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This investigation is intended to explore the assertiveness through the hypothesis that by exposing a treatment group to an assertive roleplay video, they will yield a higher mean score on a cognitions and behaviour questionnaire as compared to the control group. QUOTE The study is consequential in providing a basis for future studies and gaining a subjective perspective on increased levels of assertiveness, where is effective in terms of assertiveness training.
An experimental study was adopted to analyse and differentiate between key facets in which separate the treatment group from the control group in terms of their mean scores from the cognition and behaviour questionnaires. Through this, subjective quantitative data was achieved …show more content…

Figure 1 displays the mean participant assertiveness scores in comparison with both the treatment and control groups. Figure 2 is derived from this, where the bar graph represents the mean results of both groups. Where the treatment group yielded mean results of 33.4 as compared to 29.2 in the cognitions questionnaire, this is similarly reflected in the behaviour questionnaires in which the treatment group also achieved a higher mean score of 34.3 as compared to 31.55 in the control group. This can be interpreted as supporting the hypothesis, as evidently, from these results, observing an assertive roleplay is beneficial in gaining assertiveness, where the treatment group is compared to the control group mean scores in each questionnaire, evidently the independent variable has an influence.
A sample size of nineteen high school aged students from one educational institution was used in this investigation, where participants were randomly allocated into either the treatment or control group, based on non-existing groups. This sample, though somewhat sizeable, is not able to be generalized to the whole population based on undifferentiating factors of gender bias, similar socioeconomic status, culture and age, where they are from the same institution. The limited variation in the sample size causes a lack of validity where it is too scarce to make informed psychological

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